Afro-Tribal Dance is a not for profit organization. Our "Dance For Africa" fundraiser is dedicated to reducing poverty in Africa. Through humanitarian donations along with a classes/workshops we hope to help families in need. We provide free workshops but asking participants to bring a non-perishable food item or clothing essential, school supplies,baby products, hygiene products ect to help well needed families.To send these items, they would need to be contained in barrels.


Each barrel retails for $150/barrel, so to cover our costs, we’ve decided to start regular classes which will help pay for the shipment. These items will be sent to schools in the villages and we plan on shipping at least 5 barrels twice a year. We are asking for donations to help with the shipment of these items and any amount is well appreciated. We invite anyone and everyone to come to our workshops and bring any items they can donate or sign their kids up or themselves up for the classes to help pay for the shipment. We have a school in Sierra Leone in MAGBINDIE VILLAGE which is where the first shipment will be going in September.If you cannot come to our workshops or classes but would like to make a donation please visit the gofundme page we started below to donate any monetary amount. If you would like to donate food, clothes, school supplies ect, please email us at


 We started a GoFundMe to help with this cause. It would mean a lot to me if you checked it out, and considered donating  Thanks again for considering.

Please click the button below to be directed to our gofundme page thank you.