SUMMER CLASSES( will resume summer 2019)

WELCOME to the Afro-Tribal summer dance classes. We are so excited that you can join us. Afro-Tribal Dance is a dance company centered around the techniques and teachings of Traditional and modern dance styles from Africa especially West Africa. At Afro-Tribal Dance, we encourage the dancer’s natural body movement while teaching them essential African dance techniques. We provide a fun and nurturing environment to inspire each dancer to do their best while having fun in the process. Students will learn how traditional dance was and is still incorporated in everyday life. The traditional dance involves African drumming using the Djembe style drum which the students will learn about as well. The modern dance involves modern day music from artists such as P Square, Bracket and a whole lot more. Each week students will learn different African dance moves and incorporate these moves to express a story. Students will be taught using chants and songs to help remember the moves. Thank you for joining us, we know you will enjoy your time with us.



At the end of the session, there will be a recital to allow students to showcase what they have learned. Families will be encouraged and invited to come and watch the students.


RECITAL DATE: Sunday, September 2nd

RECITAL TIME: 3pm-430pm

RECITAL LOCATION: The recital will take place at the Guelph Youth Dance Studio the same place where the classes are held, 42 Quebec St. Guelph 2nd floor studio A.


LOCATION: Guelph youth Dance Studio, 42 Quebec St. 2nd floor (studio A)



All classes run from Sunday, July 8th, 2018 to Sunday, September 2nd for a 9-week session.

COST: $75 for all 9 weeks including recital costume

*If a child and parent enroll there is a 10% discount

*If 2 siblings enroll there is also a 10% discount


PAYMENT: CASH only at the moment until we get set up with Interac. Payment along with te registration form is due on the first day of class.



4-12 years






Students should wear all black dance attire (black tights/shorts, tank tops etc.).Students will be provided with an African print cloth which will be used to tie around their waist to get the feel of African culture. For any boys in the class, an African shirt can be provided.


To register click the "REGISTER" button below and print out the form and fill it out by hand. Return the form along with payment on the first day of class.


*To ensure we have enough students to do the classes please send an email to if you or your child is interested. This will ensure we have enough students to book the studio. Please confirm by June 30th with you or your child’s information ( take a picture of registration form and email it)