WORKSHOPS at the studio

Our workshops are designed for all ages and all abilities! They are family friendly, so it allows for families to spend time together in a fun environment. We create routines using African drumming incorporated with modern African music with artists such as P square, Awilo, and Bracket. We encourage individuals to follow along at their own pace to allow for a better grasp of the technical moves associated with certain dances. The workshops enable us to collect food/ clothing items for our fundraiser. The items collected are sent in barrels to Africa. Our first country of shipment will be headed to Sierra Leone, West Africa in a village called Magbindie Village. The items will be sent to the local primary school and distributed to families. We hope to send items to different countries soon. The workshops are fun, educational and very active so we hope you and your family will join us.




WORKSHOPS for events/school/special occasion


At Afro-Tribal Dance we love to get everyone involved! This is why we also offer workshops for special occasions and events. If you would like for us to do a workshop for your event, school, or company, please contact us and we would love to join you in your special time for a fun, thrilling and enjoyable dance workshop


School workshops are 1 hour and 30 minutes in length and its $50 flat rate. Along with the fee we ask for schools to run a small food/clothing drive to help collect items for our fundraiser. All collected items will be shipped to Africa to a designated country. All fees from workshops/ classes are used to pay for shipping of these items.The workshops are interactive and use deliverable teaching technique to get all the kids moving. We teach specific tribal dance moves along with some modern dance moves.


Book Afro-Tribal for your special occasion such as birthday parties, weddings, workplace parties, and festivals. These type of workshops include a performance as well as a mini workshop to get everyone moving.These kind of workshops are 1 hour in length (30 minutes performance and 30 minutes mini workshop).

TO BOOK Afro-Tribal for a workshop call:

226-962-2955 or